Okinawa Junior College, founded in 1958, was the predecessor of Okinawa University, which was founded in 1961. At the time, Okinawa was under U.S. military control, and it was difficult to travel to the mainland. Okinawa University was founded through the strong will of founder Noboru Kakazu, who wanted to provide a place of learning for young people with a strong desire to study. Noboru Kakazu stressed the importance of education for rebuilding and developing Okinawa after it was devastated during the war. He invested his personal assets to found the first private institute of higher education in Okinawa, and this led to the development of Okinawa High School, Okinawa Junior College, and Okinawa University.


June 1958Opening of Okinawa Junior College
April 1961Opening ceremony of Okinawa University
April 1997Establishment of Department of Law and Economics, Faculty of Law and Economics
April 1999Establishment of Department of International Communication and Department of Welfare and Culture, Faculty of Humanities

University campus (circa 1958)

Construction of old administration building(1961)

Inside of campus (1980s)

Front of Building 1 (1985)

Buildings 1 and 2 at night (1995)

Establishment of the Faculty of Humanities (1998)

Completion of Building 3 (1999)

April2005Establishment of Okinawa University Graduate School of Contemporary Okinawa Studies
April 2007Establishment of Department of Child Studies, Faculty of Humanities
April 2012Department of Welfare and Culture, Faculty of Humanities
Creation of two majors: Welfare and Culture and Welfare, Health and Sport
April 2019Establishment of Department of Health and Nutrition, Faculty of Health and Nutrition
April 2020The Department of Law and Economics, Faculty of Law and Economics was changed to the Department of Law, Economics, and Management; Faculty of Law, Economics, and Management.

Completion of construction of the new main building (2010)